Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playing in the Snow

Here are a few pictures from the recent Sawyer cousins' visit. They live in Southern California, and this was the first time a few of the kids had seen snow.

Veronica wasn't quite sure what she thought about the cold white stuff.

Neither was Zoe.

Kenzie, however, had no such misgivings.

Quinn just wanted to help bury Thomas in snow.

Thomas WANTED to be buried in the snow.

No, really!

Don't worry about Thomas, though; he can take care of himself.

Calvin tried to play it cool.

But it didn't last long.

And poor Max just wanted to come in out of the cold. (I would have more sympathy for him if he'd actually put on one of the many coats available to him.)


Vern said...

What's this? An actual blog post?!

Drew and Max should hang - he doesn't wear a real coat unless it's the single digits.

Octavia said...

It snowed about 24" at our house -- there was enough snow for me to make a toboggan run off the boulder in the front yard. I was really excited about it ... and then it rained. By the time the California Sawyers got here our yard was practically clear of snow. :(